Raagini Chadha

Amelia, an IPsoft Company


Raagini is responsible for conversational experience and design for Amelia. “My job is to help [virtual agent] Amelia recognize what people are saying, understand it, and then help the user reach an answer,” she says. “My job is to design a solution that best replicates the human capabilities.”

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Raagini Chadha

The future of AI is in communication — and by extension, conversation. AI will need to speak to us, empathize with us and determine how to best respond, just as a human would. If it comes off as stiff or — worst of all – artificial, humans are less likely to feel a real connection to the technology. 

As a Conversational Experience Designer at Amelia, Raagini Chadha is tasked with making sure that the experience and design are as polished as possible. The end result means that Amelia is a truly conversational AI that feels real and becomes a little more human every day.

My job is to help Amelia recognize what people are saying, understand it, and then help the user reach an answer,” Raagini says. “My job is to design a solution that best replicates the human capabilities. 

Raagini expects to see AI applications in Fortune 500 companies advancing healthcare, insurance and other sectors. There’s also 3D technology and machine vision, which is doing wonders for product manufacturing,” she says. “Mobility is benefiting from self-driving cars. 

Raagini came to Amelia after working for Samsung in its R&D division, where she utilized her expertise as a language expert. Her role later shifted to Analytical Linguist. I do believe my education is a great contributor to my current role,” she says. I had a dual major in linguistics and communications.  

Raagini referred to her unique role at Amelia as a “niche” area of the job with many intricacies that many outside the field simply don’t understand. When asked about it, she typically replies by comparing her work to Siri, knowing that its mainstream success will make the concept of Amelia (who is more advanced than Siri) much easier to grasp. And like so many in AI, she did not plan to enter the field. But it proved to be her true calling, continuously providing opportunities to learn and grow. 

I get to learn something completely new with every assignment I’m on, whether I’m working for a client or for the internal solutions team,” she says. “It’s a very exciting industry to be in. 

 Raagini praised her colleagues and said she has been fortunate to work with people who have helped her along the way. At [Amelia], we have a great environment across the board,” she says. 

 That said, the industry as a whole still has a long way to go in creating an inclusive environment. “But we won’t have more advocates for women unless we have more women in leadership roles,” Raagini says. “Seeing women can play a role in changing perception. 

 Last but not least, Raagini has some important words for women pursuing a career in a STEM field. 

 The biggest advice I could offer is that networking is invaluable and can lead to jobs you didn’t even know existed,” she says. “In a field like this, one needs to constantly work towards bettering one’s skills. Don’t let anyone discourage you from trying something new. And ignore the gender stereotypes.