Women in AI Building and Changing the Industry's Future

Discover how pioneering executives are implementing AI within their organizations and mapping out a future for women in STEM careers.

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Meet the Women in AI

Women in AI is a series of comprehensive profiles from Amelia, an IPsoft Company, that recognizes and highlights the powerful work being done by women who are adopting and promoting AI technologies in their companies and organizations. These executives are at the forefront of the AI-enabled revolution, propelling their businesses forward and creating massive change across industries.

Learn the stories of these dynamic, multi-dimensional leaders and understand their journeys, in the hope that sharing these stories will open the door for more women to pursue careers in STEM and shrink the industry’s gender gap.

Chetan Dube, Amelia CEO, and Marie Angselius-Schönbeck, Amelia Corporate Communications and Founder of Women in AI

  • Rema Algunaibet

    Saudi Aramco

    "The world empowers women. It is time for us to believe in ourselves and pursue the fields that we are passionate about. Take a step forward and the world will recognize you.”

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  • Amanda Amaral


    "…[it’s] not where I had expected I'd land... but it has been an exciting ride and now I can't picture myself anywhere else. Innovation, robots, and machine learning – what's not to love?”

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  • Marie Angselius-Schönbeck

    Amelia, an IPsoft Company

    “We have entered a time and a phase in history that I believe will be called the ‘hybrid workforce economy,’ with humans and robots working together.”

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  • Kate Arthur

    Kids Code Jeunesse

    “AI has the ability to solve massive global problems, from climate change to health, and it’s our kids who need to be equipped with the tools and skills to solve them.”

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  • Shelby Austin

    Deloitte Canada

    "Overcoming risk and building trust is important. We must engage in dialogue with people around these perceived fears [of AI]."

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  • Julia Aymonier

    AI in Education Advocate

    “Don't be afraid to take control of a situation and prove that you know what you’re talking about."

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  • Dr. Andree Bates


    “[I]f you introduced Amelia to five-year-old girls they would want to be working in [the tech] space when they grow up. I think it's really showing them what's possible and exciting their curiosity.”

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  • Sarah Boukhris-Escandon

    Fortune 500 financial services company

    “There’s a stigma and it’s intimidating. Giving girls that confidence earlier on, identifying that passion and interest, then they know they can do it. That’s really important.”

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  • Nadia C. Rojas Ramírez


    “If we sensitize women to all of the fields in which AI can be applied, it can become much more attractive to them because the vision they might have is very skewed.”

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  • Elsa M. Cabral

    LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services

    “I like to influence change at scale with populations of people, so this seemed like a great fit.”

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  • Raagini Chadha


    “Don’t let anyone discourage you from trying something new. And ignore the gender stereotypes.”

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  • Brianna Elsass

    BMO Harris Bank

    “The key to success is to [remain] sharp and curious.”

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  • Akiko Fukuda

    NTT Communications

    “Be clever […] know the rules [so you] can break them.”

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  • Assia Garbinato

    Romande Energie

    “Each individual brings a different perspective, regardless of gender, through his journey, [and] his experience [… this] mindset will allow more women to pursue careers in this environment.”

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  • Nishat Hashem

    HN Holdings B.V. and HNH Solutions

    “Live and breathe STEM because, at the end of the day, it is who we are — how we operate and what we can be. Find that connection between a career in STEM and your everyday life.”

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  • Danielle Hoffmann

    Amelia, an IPsoft Company

    “It takes one person to believe in you, and that one person can help you go the distance.”

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  • Ainhoa Jimeno Balaguero


    “What I like most about my job is having the possibility of changing how we do things, by mixing technology, management and enthusiasm.”

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  • Shikha Khetrapal

    Marsh & McLennan Agency

    "Utilize your resources and networks, online and off. Don’t let anyone discourage you from pursuing your goals!"

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  • Natasha Kiroska

    Amelia, an IPsoft Company

    “Follow your passion and I promise you the money will follow you.”

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  • Jennifer Lee


    “You alone cannot drive all the change but a group of you can.”

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  • Priscilla Lotman

    AVA2 Digital

    “We, as a society, need to urgently redefine how and what we teach in our schools, universities and professional education.”

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  • Andrea Mandelbaum

    Mc Luhan Consulting

    “In the future, we all have our own digital assistants that generate live translations and personalize chats to our way of working.”

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  • Liliana Mantilla

    Amelia, an IPsoft Company

    “Never forget that behind you there is a new generation of women trying to make a place in the world.”

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  • Virginie Mathivet


    “Young kids are surprised by everything, and everything is wonderful to do, and I want to emulate that feeling in my job.”

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  • Angela Meyer


    “Being the only woman in a room full of men will soon be a thing of the past.”

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  • Maria Montserrat Medina


    “It doesn't matter what women or men choose to do as long as they do whatever they are best at.”

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  • Tara Nair

    Charles Schwab

    “It’s about understanding the person on the other side. I think I have a strength in that, which was honed by my teaching experience.”

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  • May Ng


    “I have always been fascinated with tech […] It’s a beautiful tapestry of ‘if-then’ statements that can do anything we can dream of. It’s like magic to create something functional from a bit of code.”

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  • Priyanka Parmar

    Amelia, an IPsoft Company

    "[AI is an] art guided by human imagination that can go in the direction you want it to go.”

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  • Lisa Paulsson

    Marginalen Bank

    “It was a real eye-opener, realizing what tech can do as an enabler and building block for our democracy, and to empower individuals.”

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  • Marjam Sabet

    Amelia, an IPsoft Company

    “We are really depriving ourselves of the 50% of human talent [in AI] because [women] are 50% of society.”

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  • Elena Sanz Varela


    “People think the way AI works is like magic, which leads to incorrect expectations.”

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  • Janae Sharp

    The Sharp Index

    “Take on opportunities that are a challenge. Use what you have and work to make things better."

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  • Kerry Sheehan

    Chartered Public Relations

    “AI is touching every industry and every sector across the globe; it touches and will touch everyone to some extent.”

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  • Debra Sherrill


    “My advice is don’t be scared; if there is a wall, speak up and break it down.”

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  • Gaby Slezák

    Advisor & Trainer for Remote Learning and Virtual Work

    “If you want something, you have to do the work. Don’t wait to be ‘discovered.’ ”

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  • Silvie Spreeuwenberg

    LibRT and Simacan B.V.

    "If you don’t understand a system, then you don’t know when to update it if the environment changes. The human is in constant control and must remain responsible.”

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  • Ekaterina Stoianova

    Amelia, an IPsoft Company

    “I believe STEM is much more female-friendly today than it was ever before.”

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  • Ann Sung Ruckstuhl


    “I enjoy challenges, without them life is boring. So, I wanted to make myself very uncomfortable.”

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  • Ozge Tarim


    “In the case of AI, we need to take a step back and look at how human and machine can coexist and work together to shape our future environments.”

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  • Laura Tocmacov

    ImpactIA Foundation

    "AI is a technology that, for the first time in human history, will change our relationship with work."

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  • Stacey Tomasoni


    "I’ve seen others fall in love with the powerful combo of technology and people and how it can help us get to a better place…that’s where the real magic begins."

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  • Kathy Trimble

    Council on Competitiveness

    “Understand what balance means in your life.”

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  • Women of Unisys

    The women of Unisys each draw upon their education, early careers, and the wisdom of mentors to encourage young men and women to consider a career in technology.

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  • Eva Valle Gutierrez


    “[We must] allow cultural change, actions aimed to all, men and women, with a fundamental premise: Your gender does not define your future.”

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  • Dr. Angela L. Walker Franklin

    Des Moines University

    “We don’t want to build for today, we want to build for the future – that’s the transformative vision for Des Moines University.”

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  • Ren Zhang

    BMO Financial Group

    “My passion in math gave me the ability to see [the AI] trend and I want to be a part of it.”

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