Ovum Report Describes Why IPsoft’s Virtual Agent, Amelia, Can Deliver More Value Than a Chatbot

September 12, 2017 • 2 minute read

As the industry-leading virtual assistant, Amelia’s value lies not in quick cost savings, but in more holistic changes to business processes.

NEW YORK, September 12, 2017 – In a new report published by market analyst firm Ovum, analysts highlight best practice approaches to employing IPsoft’s AI platform, Amelia, to deliver business impact. The report, entitled “IPsoft’s Amelia: More Than a Chatbot,” reviews lessons learned by early adopters of Amelia and gives assurance that cognitive technology can increase commercial advantage and improve customer interactions in activities like banking, insurance, and mortgage processing.

Expanding on the collective wisdom of executives presenting at IPsoft’s recent Digital Workforce Summit, the report offers over a dozen themes that should be considered by all first-time adopters of artificial intelligence. Insights drawn from Ovum’s analysis include:

  • Amelia’s value lies not in quick cost savings, but more holistic changes to business processes. Ovum states, “Amelia’s suitability is more likely to be maximized when deployed as part of organizations’ broader strategic aims like improving the customer experience, or perhaps when enabling entirely different channels of user engagement – for example, voice-activated/headless user interfaces (HUIs) such as Amazon’s Alexa."
  • Educating teams about the difference between chatbots and AI is an essential starting point so that SMEs at all levels can spot opportunities for the technology to make improvements.
  • Deploying AI requires a different mix of skills than conventional software deployment. Ovum states, “Good teams have a mix of product, process and industry knowledge between them to tackle the individual processes competently.”
  • Ensure clear KPIs are set out from the start to capture impact of AI and provide a foundation for building on early success.

Chetan Dube, President & CEO of IPsoft, remarks, “As Ovum notes, enterprises are integrating Amelia into their strategy in a variety of production roles, highlighting her ability to impact positively not one but multiple business areas within their organization. Compared to non-adopters of AI, trailblazing companies like these are better prepared for the wave of AI transformation that is set to take hold of both front and back office operations.”

Read further analysis about strategies for successful deployments of Amelia in the full Ovum report, through this link.

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