New AI Pioneers Forum Launched to Develop AI Manifesto

June 11, 2018 • 3 minute read

"The AI Pioneers Circle will aim to further advance on AI’s digital journey with industry and enterprise leaders, the research community and strategic visionary scholars."

NEW YORK, June 11, 2018 — IPsoft, the leader in enterprise AI, together with other technology leaders today founded the Global AI Leadership Pioneers Circle. The objective is to provide clarity of real solutions versus hype, and to co-create and standardize the innovation maturity model and returns on AI.

This exclusive community of leading industry digital pioneers, research thought leaders, policy makers and business leaders have one clear mission to accomplish — that is, to create an evolving digital manifesto which delivers a future roadmap to real returns on AI. The AI Pioneers Forum will be part of the Turing Global Institute, the AI cognitive think tank with headquarters in New York City. The AI Pioneers Circle is expected to have over 100 AI Pioneers members by 2019.

Led by Mark Minevich, Digital Fellow at IPsoft and a world-renowned visionary strategist in the fields of digitization and Artificial Intelligence, the AI Pioneers Circle will explore complex business use cases and the future of digital labor, gather insights and best practices to create an AI Maturity Model and map it against the Returns on AI (ROAI) to improve competitiveness of enterprises in the US and other countries. Members can exchange ideas to better understand complex AI issues, and share the return-of-investment, successes and challenges of their AI journey experience.

“Thanks to the visionary leadership of Chetan Dube and IPsoft, the AI Pioneers Circle will aim to further advance on AI’s digital journey with industry and enterprise leaders, the research community and strategic visionary scholars,” Minevich said.

IPsoft is the founding member of this invite-only community. The AI Pioneers Circle will consist of selected C-level executives, heads of AI, chief digital officers at large enterprises, university AI researchers and digital innovation leaders, as well as public policy makers focused on digital labor and AI.

“The impact of this digital revolution at $14.6 trillion is of magnitude for citizens, society and enterprises. It is important that we all come together to deliver real value and benefits to society,” said Chetan Dube, CEO of IPsoft.

The inaugural Global AI Pioneers Circle will take place on June 21st in New York. Discussions will focus on the strategic introduction to the AI Pioneers digital journey, returns on AI and the future roadmap. The initiative will continue on a regular basis in communities across the globe including New York, London, San Francisco, Boston, Tel Aviv, Chicago, Tokyo, as well as other countries in Europe and Asia.

About Mark Minevich

In addition to serving on the executive team at IPsoft, Minevich is also a senior fellow, artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technology, for the United States Council on Competitiveness and a senior advisor of global innovation and technology for the United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS). He is also a member of the B20 digital taskforce of G20 and has held roles at IBM as chief technology officer and strategy executive. Mark is a recipient of the prestigious Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in Global Innovation and author of several technology/innovation books. A major influencer in the AI space, his work can be found in the likes of Forbes and Entrepreneur. He was also named by Forbes as a “Leader to Watch” in 2017.

About IPsoft

IPsoft is the world leader in Enterprise AI and the home of Amelia, the industry’s most-human digital AI colleague. Amelia’s ability to learn, interact and improve over time makes her the market’s only AI that can fully understand user needs and intentions. Amelia can be trained to recognize words and phrases in more than 100 languages. She delivers real-life business benefits including lower operating costs, higher customer satisfaction and increased employee productivity. IPsoft was the first company to launch an end-to-end digital platform, 1Desk, to deliver shared enterprise services. By connecting front-office conversations to back-end systems, IPsoft automates business processes that serve employees, customers and citizens, resulting in rapid resolutions, satisfied users and substantial organizational savings.

Headquartered in New York City, IPsoft has offices in 13 countries and serves more than 550 of the world’s leading brands directly, including more than half of the world’s largest IT services providers.


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