IPsoft’s Market-Leading AI Platform Included in Analyst Report on Advanced Automation Solution Providers

November 15, 2017 • 2 minute read

Independent Research Reviews Vendors’ Activity in Automation Market.

NEW YORK, November 15, 2017– IPsoft, the leader in enterprise AI, is recognized as one of the independent solution providers of automation technology in a recent report published by leading analyst firm Forrester Research entitled “Vendor Landscape: Advanced Automation Service Providers, Q3 2017.”

In the report, Forrester reviews IPsoft’s work delivering automation solutions to the market both directly and through systems integration (SI) partners. Forrester says IPsoft’s “corporate DNA” reflects its vast catalogue of thousands of automations, “but also how it conducts business.” The report notes a team of IPsoft engineers are focused on maintaining and building on the company’s standard operating procedures, and finds “use cases cover the spectrum from preemptive monitoring to SOPs [standard operating procedures] that execute over nondeterministic pathways to resolve incidents.”

The report, which covers several technology companies, SIs and consulting firms, highlights different automation solutions and discusses the different types of partnerships that are developing as automation adoption grows within enterprises.

“Every major IT decision-maker understands that intelligent automation is the future of operations and it starts with doing a digital renovation of the existing environment. Companies should begin investing now,” said Allan Andersen, Director of Enterprise Solutions at IPsoft. “Intelligent automation is an art-form and requires a culture of continuous improvement and smart use of AI technologies.”

The Forrester report includes a review of the maturation of automation technology, the importance of technology partnerships, and what IT operations teams should consider when reevaluating existing contracts and relationships to include more automation investment.

Forrester’s report concludes that the initial proof-of-concept stage for automation technology has ended and the number of public reference cases is growing. These use cases remain narrow, and the results are still limited, the report states, but enterprises must work now to determine how they can make the best use of automation.

For more information about the Forrester report, go to this link.

About IPsoft
IPsoft, the leader in enterprise AI, automates IT and business processes for enterprises across a wide range of industries by deploying Digital Labor. Through its portfolio of world leading autonomic and cognitive solutions, IPsoft provides services that allow its clients to secure competitive advantage. Headquartered in New York City, IPsoft has 16 offices in 13 countries across the world and serves more than 500 of the world’s leading brands directly as well as more than half of the world’s largest IT services providers.

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