IPsoft’s Chief Cognitive Officer to Address the AI Summit on Transforming Customer Experience

November 22, 2017 • 2 minute read

Organizations in every industry are realizing that AI can transform the way companies interface with their customer base.

NEW YORK, November 22, 2017 — Edwin van Bommel, IPsoft’s Chief Cognitive Officer, will be present on Amelia, the market-leading cognitive virtual agent, and discuss how artificial intelligence is transforming the customer service sector at The AI Summit Conference & Exhibition running December 5–6 in New York City, at Metropolitan West.

IPsoft is a Silver-Level sponsor of the AI Summit, one of the year’s largest conference and exhibition dedicated to deciphering and understanding how AI will impact the global market in the future. The conference is set to attract more than 120 speakers and 1,500 attendees of primarily C-suite executives over the course of two-day event.

On Wednesday, December 6, Edwin will be speaking to attendees in a session entitled, “How AI Can Improve Net Promoter Scores,” in which he will expand on the benefits of AI and its positive effects on customer service and overall customer experience. Organizations in every industry are realizing that AI can transform the way companies interface with their customer base and optimize interactions to the point where seeking out customer support becomes an expedited, seamless process. IPsoft’s Amelia leverages natural language and advanced analytics, along with her emotional sentiment and contextual capabilities, to engage with customers in a human-like manner. The end-result is a personalized customer experience that can boost Net Promoter Scores and overall customer satisfaction, engendering customer loyalty and stronger customer relationships.

“The AI Summit offers AI innovators the opportunity to see how cognitive technology is transforming customer experience with new levels of efficiency and success,” Edwin said. “It is no longer sufficient to simply resolve a customer’s query or issue – personalized customer service is vital to stand out. This means faster resolution times by communicating to a customer in an empathetic, human manner. I’m looking forward to detailing for event attendees how Amelia is delivering real business benefits and a transformative customer experience at companies around the world.”

The yearly AI Summit is open to qualified business leaders and offers decision-makers the opportunity to discover the latest technological advancements in AI, while networking with industry experts and exchanging business ideas. More than 50 sponsors and exhibitors will be showcasing AI technology to event delegates and more than 12,000 network meetings are expected to occur over the two-day event.

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