IPsoft’s Amelia Drives the “Digital OneOffice” for Customers

August 15, 2017 • 2 minute read

HfS report highlights Amelia’s ability to integrate front and back offices.

New York, August 15, 2017,  Amelia has been recognized by leading analyst firm HfS Research for its ability to provide the “OneOfficeTM glue,” automating end-to-end workflows, and adding cognitive capabilities to customer interactions.

In a report titled “IPsoft’s Amelia Can Provide the Digital Glue Between Front and Back Offices to Create OneOffice” analysts Tom Reuner, Melissa O’Brien, and Phil Fersht highlight “Amelia’s ability to support the OneOfficeTM concept by using cognitive technology to make employees’ lives easier—driving customer engagement.” The analysts recognize Amelia’s evolution “into a cognitive solution that goes beyond the originally specified capabilities of the offering, namely a smart cognitive virtual customer service agent.”

In addition to improvements in sentiment and emotional intelligence, experiential and automated learning, and advanced analytics, the report states that “Amelia’s ability to learn and understand languages and cultural nuance is a key differentiator.”

HfS defines the Digital OneOfficeTM as the operations framework for organizations that have fully embraced digital business models, enabled by an intelligent support capability, where barriers between front and back offices no longer exist. Everything about Digital OneOfficeTM is wrapped around the needs of the people in its environment, where automation is native and decisions are made by predicting events, not reacting to historical data archives.

“HfS’ recognition of Amelia as a crucial component in achieving a ‘Digital OneOfficeTM’ aligns to IPsoft’s vision of imminent disintermediation of classic IT operations. By layering cognitive competence on top of an autonomic backbone, one can connect business users directly to the applications that service them,” says Chetan Dube, IPsoft’s CEO.


Read the Report Here.

To hear clients describe their AI transformation with Amelia, watch their presentations at IPsoft’s Digital Workforce Summit.



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