IPsoft First Artificial Intelligence Provider to Join GovDC Marketplace in New South Wales

November 2, 2017 • 2 minute read

AI technology has significant potential to help government departments deliver "a radically more efficient level of service to citizens."

SYDNEY – November 2, 2017 – IPsoft, the leading global provider of cognitive solutions, has been added to the New South Wales GovDC Marketplace, a whole-of-government procurement solution for technology services, marking the first time an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions provider has been included. This opens the door for a wide range of departments and agencies in the state to benefit from the efficiencies of IPsoft’s Autonomic IT Infrastructure Management platform, IPcenter, and the company’s market-leading cognitive virtual agent, Amelia.

The NSW Government is widely regarded as the most advanced Australian state and has repeatedly proven to be the only digital-ready state government, leading the country in seeking to implement cutting-edge technology within government operations and customer experience.

“The GovDC Marketplace is focused on assisting government agencies to deliver fast, cost-effective and reliable solutions to NSW citizens through as-a-service and cloud capability solutions. Our pre-qualified suppliers are a vital part of that, with agencies able to choose the right solution for them based on the hybrid IT value proposition of each supplier,” said Simon Geraghty, Executive Director, NSW Government Technology Platforms, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.

“We see significant potential in helping government departments and agencies leverage breakthrough AI technology that will deliver a radically more efficient level of service to citizens. Amelia can transform internal and citizen-facing processes that require a conversationally-intelligent virtual agent to deliver an exceptional customer experience at scale,” said Andrew Winlaw, Vice President of IPsoft Australia & New Zealand. “We also see a huge opportunity to reduce resolution times and improve reliability within the IT infrastructure by leveraging IPcenter’s virtual engineers.”

IPcenter is noted as the leader in IT operations automation by market analyst firm, Everest Group. The group’s recent PEAK Matrix Assessment recognized the platform’s high market impact and outstanding vision and capabilities. Amelia’s unique combination of natural language dialogue, dynamic learning and decision making is widely acclaimed by market analysts. Ovum’s recent report IPsoft’s Amelia: More than a Chatbot, highlights how Amelia can be the enabler of holistic change to business processes across a wide range of industries including government services, banking, insurance, retail, telecoms and travel.

Amelia and IPcenter can be accessed on NSW’s GovDC marketplace via this link.

About IPsoft
IPsoft automates IT and business processes for enterprises across a wide range of industries through the use of digital labor. Through its portfolio of world-leading autonomic and cognitive solutions, it provides services that allow its clients to secure competitive advantage. Headquartered in New York City, IPsoft has offices in 13 countries across the world and serves more than 500 of the world’s leading brands directly as well as more than half of the world’s largest IT services providers.

Marie Angselius Schönbeck, +1 737 247 3101
Global Head PR, IPsoft
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Andrew Winlaw, Tel: +61 2 8075 4688
Vice President of IPsoft Australia & New Zealand
[email protected]

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