IHG, an IPsoft Amelia Client, Declared Winner at the 2017 TAG Excalibur Awards

October 30, 2017 • 2 minute read

InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) captures award for innovative use of IPsoft's AI-driven Digital Employee, Amelia, for IT service desk operations.

NEW YORK, October 30, 2017 — InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG), a leading British multinational hotels company, is the winner of the Most Creative Solution category for the 2017 TAG Excalibur Awards. The award was presented Oct. 20 during an event at The Georgia Aquarium and attracted a sold-out audience of Georgia-based businesspeople and technology providers.

The TAG Excalibur Awards recognize organizations throughout the Georgia region for their ability to successfully implement business technology to solve complex challenges affecting their day-to-day operations. There are a total of five categories upon which competing organizations are grouped. This year’s nominees were separated into the following categories: Non-Profit, Small Company, Large-sized Company, Enterprise Company and finally Most Creative Solution, where IHG was declared the winner among several nominees.

IHG’s effective deployment of Amelia, IPsoft’s market-leading cognitive virtual agent, within their global IT service desk has positively impacted quality of service by ensuring that only best-in-class responses are given to the queries of franchised hotel managers. One area of attention is the group’s reservation engine and property management system which plays a critical role in the smooth running of each hotel. Previously, support for such systems was distributed amongst several third-party entities. Through Amelia, IHG is centralizing all incoming requests and is reducing the call transfer fees incurred after service desk staff would contact the incorrect vendor as well as accelerate resolution times.

In addition to re-routing calls, Amelia is being taught how to answer higher-volume, end-user IT queries so that she can further relieve some of the workload pressure on her human colleagues on IHG’s IT Service Desk. At the current pilot phase, Amelia is achieving over 83% accuracy on received queries and is expanding the processes she can support. As an example, in just one month she has learned more than 50 new processes.

“Amelia has been instrumental in elevating our IT Service Desk’s level of efficiency and we’re excited to expand the scope of her responsibilities to other use cases going forward,” said Scot Whigham, IHG’s Director of Global IT Service Support. “We’re honored to win this award because it embodies our commitment to constantly innovate and enhance the way we operate on a global scale to deliver high-quality end user service. It also sheds light on the bright minds we have working on our digital transformation within IHG and our greater community.”

Jonathan Crane, IPsoft’s Chief Commercial Officer, said, “We want to congratulate IHG on their TAG Excalibur Award for their pioneering use of Amelia in IT service desk operations. Scot and his team have a vision to leverage AI in multiple ways to improve the experience for internal staff and external customers, and we’re privileged to play a part in this well-deserved recognition for IHG.”

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