IPsoft’s Dr. Vincent Grasso Featured in Article About Connected Labs

September 13, 2019 • 1 minute read

In a recent article in Raconteur, IPsoft’s Dr. Vincent Grasso talked about the potential of digitalizing pharmaceutical labs via technologies like RPA.

“Digitisation is an important component, helping to create new levels of transparency and speed,” explained Dr. Vincent Grasso, IPsoft’s Global Practice Lead for Healthcare and Life Sciences in a recent article by Raconteur about the potential for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies in the Connected Lab. “Instead of being cautious and worrying about potential human error,” Dr. Grasso continued, “digitisation will ultimately make research more accurate and reliable.”

The article highlighted how new technologies such as RPA can streamline — or even accelerate — the process of developing new pharmaceuticals. RPA technology is able scale the automation of high-volume tasks, thereby decreasing costs while increasing accuracy.

While not yet being used in a laboratory setting, IPsoft’s 1RPA demonstrates the potential of RPA when combined with cognitive functionality — specifically the ability to open the RPA-creation process to non-engineers and therefore make organizations more productive and efficient overall. When applied into the lab setting, Dr. Grasso explained that these technologies might lead to “speedier and more accurate scientific breakthroughs” — and that’s something that can help the whole world.

To read more of the piece in Raconteur, click here. For more on IPsoft’s Healthcare practice, follow our Healthcare & Life Sciences 2.0 page on LinkedIn.

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