IPsoft London Presentation on AI’s Impact on Customer Experience Profiled in Teiss

July 26, 2018 • 2 minute read

An AI event in London sponsored by IPsoft and Business Reporter magazine was profiled by Teiss, the UK-based cyber security website.

Automation is reinventing the customer experience

UK-based cyber security website TEISS profiled a recent IPsoft event in London that gathered senior executives from many sectors to discuss a wide range of issues regarding Artificial Intelligence’s (AI’s) impact on business, with an emphasis on Customer Experience (CX).

The Business Reporter Breakfast Briefing, held at The Ritz Hotel, was headlined by IPsoft Fellow Mark Minevich. Attendees from numerous industries shared examples of how AI is reinventing processes in their industry. For example, a delegate from the oil and gas sector reported that “his company was using AI to improve drilling operations.” However, much of the presentation centered on how advanced digital colleagues like Amelia are reinventing and improving CX.

“AI offers a solution here because it can take some of the strain of customer interaction and resolve their problems more quickly or with less effort,” noted the author Shane Richmond. “For many customers, carrying out a simple transaction using their favourite chat app is more convenient than dialing a call centre or logging-on to a website.” Indeed, Amelia’s backend integrations and advanced Natural Language Interface (NLI) are being used by companies across numerous industries to make their help centers more versatile, accessible, and efficient.

In addition to the many opportunities presented by AI, there were also discussions about challenges, specifically when it comes a lack of AI understanding among senior leadership which can make projects hard to initiate. “Attendees agreed that companies will need people within the business who can identify new technologies and suggest where they might be applied,” Richmond wrote.

The event also touched on longer-term issues such as how to manage and counter employee anxieties about AI’s impact on their jobs. “While it’s possible that AI will lead to some reduction in the number of call centre staff,” the author noted, “attendees were keen to point out that a key role for AI in customer experience is to free-up call centre staff to deal with high value transactions, whether that’s handling unusual customer problems or dealing with the needs of important customers.”

Regardless of how users, employees or companies feel about automating CX, AI will only accelerate this trend throughout different industries. As the author notes: “What is clear is that customer experience is on the brink of an AI revolution but it will take time and experimentation. AI adoption is a journey that a lot of companies are now starting out on.”

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