How Amelia is Designed for Modern Business Challenges

December 14, 2020 • 1 minute read

Unlike past cognitive computing attempts, the industry-leading virtual assistant, Amelia, is perfectly matched to address business challenges.

A recent article by Neil Raden for Diginomica compares past unsuccessful attempts at cognitive computing with the new generation of Conversational AI solutions, such as Amelia. To provide context for the comparison, Raden reflects on the development of decision services, which now combine “predictive modeling, business rules, entity analytics, AI/ML, optimization, NLP, and cognitive computing.”

Raden stresses the importance of adaptability for cognitive systems. He says they need to “have memory for solving problems,” and they need to understand context, such as “meaning, syntax, time, location.”

To provide an example of “what not to do,” Raden describes IBM’s Watson for Oncology. The technology was supposed to “make dramatic improvements in healthcare” but it ultimately failed. Despite the technology’s ability to quickly gather and use information, it could not match the complexity of the healthcare system.

In comparison, the author shows how Amelia is perfectly matched to address enterprises’ business challenges. Amelia is much more advanced than chatbots. Raden emphasizes Amelia’s advanced capabilities by referencing Anil Vijayan, Vice President at Everest Group, who said “Amelia combines the ability to address a variety of use cases - including customer service, HR support, marketing, and IT helpdesk - with its ability to function across channels, including voice, thereby providing customers with an Intelligent Virtual Agent solution fit for multiple business needs.”

To read more about the “fresh wave” of cognitive solutions, and Amelia’s capabilities, read the full article on Diginomica.

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