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April 29, 2020 • 1 minute read

A recent BBC News article examines robots and AI systems, and the role they can play interacting with patients in order to enable doctors and nurses practice safe social distancing, with some details on IPsoft’s Digital Employees from Read this piece to learn more.

A recent BBC News article analyzing the value of AI in treating COVID-19 patients referenced and Amelia, the market-leading Digital Employee. In the article, the author explores the role AI can play by interacting with patients in order to enable doctors and nurses to practice safe social distancing.

“A few dozen robots is not going to make a big dent in the coronavirus outbreak, but it could be a sign of what's coming,” the author writes. “Artificial Intelligence has made big steps forward in tasks like processing speech, which is making digital helpers more and more useful.”

As a prime example of AI and its role in human collaboration, the author detailed the way users interview and hire Amelia on

“[IPsoft] develops software packages designed to fulfil roles traditionally performed by people, such as an IT service desk engineer. Via its new online marketplace, prospective employers can interview the company's assistant Amelia to decide if they should take on a digital employee rather than a person. Costing $1,800 (£1,460) a month, their IT troubleshooter can reset passwords, unlock accounts and deal with up to 1,000 inquiries a month.”

The author does an excellent job balancing the societal fears associated with AI assuming human tasks as compared to the human benefits AI will provide in collaborative tasks. We believe this is always a valuable conversation to have when discussing hybrid work — and especially under today’s global circumstances, when AI can help contribute to stopping the spread of COVID-19. To read the piece, head over to BBC News.

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