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Learn more about Amelia, your next digital colleague. Here are some of the most common questions people have about Amelia, dealing with everything from how to train her, to the kinds of systems with which she integrates, to whether you can host Amelia on your own cloud.

If you don’t see your question listed below, be sure to read about Amelia’s many use cases or reach out to us directly.

How is Amelia trained?

In order to train Amelia, IPsoft and your technology team work together to upload an assortment of documents designed to enrich Amelia with new knowledge. This could be as simple as your company’s business vocabulary or employee handbook, or it could be as complex as all of your historical customer support data. You’ll provide IPsoft with your industry-specific semantic network, and any logic framework you’d like Amelia to follow in her decision-making. You’ll also upload pre-trained classifiers and analytic modules that will help her to conduct business according to your industry’s requirements and regulations.

From there, the two teams will work to auto-annotate Amelia’s conversational framework so she can understand utterances and common phrases – essentially, the teams help Amelia speak as humans do. This allows her to complete user interactions, regardless of the topics she might ultimately discuss or how users respond. During this process, Amelia will actually advise the teams on the best technique to help her learn and understand user conversations.

For example: What happens when a customer says, “In a few days…?” There are several ways of interpreting a phrase like this (Two days? Three days? A week?), so Amelia will work with your team to ensure that the most common utterances are interpreted as the business requires. You’ll also work with IPsoft to teach Amelia to follow standard operating procedures, so she becomes intimately familiar with how your business operates.

Once Amelia is ready to begin handling queries on her own, she will inevitably get stumped by unique or custom questions and issues. This is where her ability to learn on her own and work with human employees comes into play. If Amelia is unable to resolve an issue, or finalize a transaction, she will escalate the conversation to a human agent. As this happens, she will stay connected with your employees to determine how the issue was resolved. She will then learn from her human colleagues, applying that knowledge to any similar conversations so as to avoid unnecessarily escalating future interactions. We have successfully trained Amelia in only few weeks for certain use cases.

Can we train Amelia in-house?

We encourage our clients to train Amelia themselves for secondary and tertiary use cases. However, we recommend working with our team for the initial use case.

How long will your team work with us to make sure everything is working smoothly after the initial implementation?

Our professional services are ongoing. We will continue to work with you at your request to ensure optimal production.

What’s different or new in Amelia v3?

Every aspect of Amelia v3, the latest version of our platform, has been designed to drive superior customer experience and human-like intellect. Amelia v3 has a better understanding of client requests, and is capable of more flexible and lucid dialogue. She’s better at delivering fast and accurate responses to fact-based queries. We’ve improved her sentimental analysis so that she uses empathy to adjust the tone of conversations. Amelia can be trained to recognize words and phrases in more than 100 languages. We added facial recognition and authentication. She’s able to accept inputs from eight different modules. She can absorb training-manual length documents in seconds.

What is the difference between Amelia and a chatbot?

Chatbots make it easy for digital agents to triage and escalate customer service conversations to human agents who have the authority to solve problems. Chat-based interactions are faster, more intelligent, and less frustrating than standard service calls. Amelia is capable of performing these basic functions.

However, with her cognitive intelligence, automated learning, and natural language processing and understanding, Amelia answers most customer service or internal business questions without the need for human intervention. Amelia understands the meaning of spoken or typed statements, and she responds in organic, human-sounding sentences. She instantly pulls relevant information into conversations, including back-end system data, historical customer purchase and interaction data, inventory data, and anything else that your business is willing to plug into the platform. She is able to pivot between chat, phone, text, social media, or even video-based conversations, and she can move between these channels without having to repeat information or start an interaction from scratch. Amelia is armed with intelligent understanding; she reads a customer’s mood to determine how angry, frustrated, or satisfied he or she is, and she calibrates her responses accordingly.

Will Amelia integrate with my legacy systems?

Amelia integrates seamlessly with all common APIs including: IPcenter, ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, HP SM9, SAP, Concur, Guidewire, MiContact Center Enterprise/Solidus, Active Directory, LDAP, PeopleSoft, LivePerson/LiveEngage, Cisco UCCX, VOIP & Wi-Fi management, Skype for Business, Freeswitch, RSA, and home grown APIs to fraud, insurance and banking back ends, among others. Amelia can also document every interaction in a CRM system. She integrates with SAP, Oracle,, Pegasystems, Microsoft, Zendesk, and many others.

On which channels can Amelia be deployed?

Multi-channel handling is part of Amelia’s conversational intelligence. Users can interact with Amelia through chat over web, mobile, apps and social (Facebook). Amelia also has the ability to connect by voice with apps, collaboration tools (Skype, Slack), web, phone, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. Amelia can carry conversations between channels, such as starting one on Facebook and then direct a customer to the corporate chat system where she has access to all internal systems and a full knowledge of a customer’s previous contact history. Amelia can also use facial recognition to begin new conversations.

How can we get started with Amelia?

We recommend clients determine several use cases that would be suitable for a 30-day production pilot. We’ll work with you to implement the pilot, and if you would like to continue with the engagement, we’ll set up your initial license and use case expansion.

How is Amelia different than other enterprise AI tools?

Amelia’s ability to understand what is meant, instead of detecting what is said, in entire conversations and contexts is a huge differentiator as an AI platform. Because Amelia understands the underlying meaning of customer statements, she can engage in fluid conversations. As she detects a customer’s mood, she is able to adapt the content of her responses and associated expressions to create a truly personalized experience.

Amelia’s ability to be trained and continuously learn is the most advanced in the industry. Her advanced analytics, contextual awareness and spread activation capabilities, combined with the power of her integration hub, means she is able to access more sources of data and information, learn from those sources, and over time devise and deliver the most appropriate and effective responses to various queries and interactions.

Amelia provides pre-built content out-of-the box. Our existing Amelia content enables customers to perform known tasks. She is able to record and learn from new issues and interactions over time, with the help of cognitive engineers.

Amelia represents a major breakthrough in cognitive technology. Her mind emulates that of a human so that she can engage with people on a human level using completely natural language. Just like a real person, Amelia stores her knowledge of the world in her different memories. Unlike a person, she can process that knowledge at a scale and speed that reaches beyond the limits of the human brain.

Amelia is the only fully integrated AI platform, automating and executing end-to-end business processes. She services customers using natural dialogue, monitors customer sentiment, and adjusts accordingly. Amelia can make real-time decisions based on analytics and provide instant scalability.

Can I run Amelia on-premises?

We are happy to host Amelia for you, or to have you host her on-premise. Most of the popular cloud services will also host Amelia.

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