Spotlight: Women in Tech

By Staff
March 7, 2017 • 3 minute read

"I love being able to represent women in engineering and being a role model for my friends’ kids."

IPsoft is committed to helping women develop their careers in technology. On the occasion of International Women's Day, a handful of our staff members share their insights into succeeding in the tech world.


“Going back in my career, whenever I would be in a meeting with CTOs and CEOs, they would immediately assume that I was a secretary, until my CTO would ask me a technical question. It’s really nice to see that culture to have shifted. At IPsoft, I feel like there’s no difference between the men and the women, just as long as you work hard, you can achieve what you want here."

— Angelina, Senior Manager, Cognitive PMO


“Many years ago, getting my foot in the door at an IT company presented certain challenges. Today, being a woman in a tech company is just the same as being in any other industry. This shows tremendous progress for women in IT. At IPsoft there are brilliant women working in DevOps, Cognitive, Service Technology, Service Design and other departments.
The company's generous healthcare policy gives women the possibility to be mothers and work in tech."

— Olga, Solutions Architect


“In high school I had a math teacher who convinced me that I was ‘bad at math’ because he always teased me in class. For many years I completely avoided anything STEM. Then the dot-com boom hit and I was convinced to take job selling software. Facing my fear, I learned that I not only did have an aptitude for math and science, but I found it fascinating. Now I mentor other girls and young women on the importance of women in STEM professions. I have been involved with Girls who Code and support anything science for girls. I am extremely interested in advocating for and promoting qualified women into positions of greater responsibility.”

— Paula, Vice President


“I love being able to represent women in engineering and being a role model for my friends’ kids. I’ve not been here very long, but I have noticed that my opinion is heard at IPsoft in regards to code and architecture in a way that I’ve not encountered before. I believe it has a direct correlation to the number of women we see around the office.”

— Mimi, Front-End Developer


"To me, gender should not affect a person’s mentality or skills. An engineer is someone who is innovative, hardworking and open to new ideas."

— Felicia, Network Engineer

“IPsoft is at the forefront of AI technology development that will change the future of work and society. Shaping how enterprise executives, workers, and consumers perceive the value of our solutions and mobilizing them to engage with us is the most exciting marketing challenge of my career. AI impacts lives and involving the perspective of women is going to be crucial to delivering the potential benefits of this technology to society at large.
IPsoft has given me the chance to tread new ground and build a marketing organization from scratch. For me this is a unique opportunity to draw on many years of experience and apply my knowledge in an environment that pushes every individual to succeed.”

— Daniela, Marketing Director

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Creating female role models for the age of AI


“I want to excel in what I do, but equally enable others to do so too — so this means being both proactive in progressing in my own career as a woman in tech, but also helping other women into technology and leadership roles too. I’m excited to be part of the Cognitive team, working with incredible men and women across the global to deliver successful projects, driving gender equality inside and outside of work and encouraging anyone who crosses my path that technology is critical to all our future development and successes. Particularly AI.”

— Sarah, Project Technical Lead IPsoft
Associate for DevelopHer

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“Even on the admin side, there is a feeling of accomplishment as one of the women to break stereotypes and even out the ratios a little. We look for brilliant minds, whether you are a man or a woman. However, being a woman, I appreciate the family friendly attitudes, the flexibility that is offered to new mothers, the baby showers and the family days. Working with the brilliant and driven minds of IPsoft, every day brings new ideas and challenges. The boundless care for the well-being of the employees provides the additional motivation to do better, to do more, to be better.”

— Patrycja Karasewicz, Corporate Controller

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