Cookie-Cutter Chatbots Don’t Work — You Need Conversational AI

By Juan Martinez, Senior Writer
July 13, 2020 • 3 minute read

A simple chatbot will not deliver the results that Conversational AI can enable. That’s why we trained our Digital Employee Amelia to perform roles with skills across industries.

User experience is a catch-all phrase that means something different for every business. You wouldn’t expect a 20-year customer service agent at a bank to wake up one day and start selling mobile data plans from a contact center — a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. There should be similar expectations when it comes to deploying AI-related technologies; a simple chatbot will not deliver the kinds of experiences that a full Conversational AI solution can enable.

Although utilizing a plug-and-play chatbot might sound like a great idea, the truth is they provide little more value than automated phone messaging systems. Customers want to avoid pressing 1 for sales, 2 for technical support, etc. They want to speak to someone who can immediately resolve their problems or quickly locate someone who can. Chatbots use basic Q&A scripts to serve users, so they’re incapable of performing complex tasks and solving unique problems. This inevitably leads to elevating chatbot interactions to already-overwhelmed human service agents.

Even if you looked beyond the inherent flaws associated with a chatbot’s simple dialogue scripting, it’s clear that a perfectly scripted chatbot experience cannot be applied from one brand to another without training, customization and true intelligence. A company’s business processes, its product catalog, its service agreements are all unique and complex — and that’s before you add user personalization into the equation.

Amelia for Your Industry

Conversational AI built on cognitive technology, like our Digital Employee Amelia, delivers the most human user experience no matter the industry or horizontal function. Through our end-to-end Amelia Solutions, she can perform roles with specific skills across multiple verticals, because instead of a cookie-cutter approach, we’ve trained Amelia to understand your industry with a 360-degree view for how work is done.

Let’s use Amelia for Banking as an example: She understands the ins and outs of investing, credit card management, bill payments and more. She knows banking regulations, common banking language, and she has a complex understanding of what customers require when they interact when a banking customer service rep.

Similar things can be said of Amelia’s skills in other areas such as HR or other industries like Telecommunications. What’s more, Amelia’s industry-leading Natural Language Processing allows her to work in collaboration with humans, as she speaks and understands the way humans do.

Amelia Learns Your Business

Amelia can integrate with your data systems and business process models to learn and master your specific products, processes and customer service requirements. She learns what to say and how to help customers transact, all with an emotional awareness that chatbots are simply unable to express or understand. She learns where to find information, both personalized and brand-specific, in order to provide customers with correct answers. If this information changes, she’ll learn about the change and instantly apply it to her interactions.

Fortunately for our clients, Amelia does all of this in hours and days, which means she’s ready to start serving customers in short order. The sooner she gets to work, the sooner your human customer service reps are ready to handle more complex and interesting customer service tasks.

Amelia Solutions for Every Role

Today, Amelia is pre-trained in the following areas:

Each Amelia offering provides unique value to customers within a specific business sector. We encourage you to explore our solutions pages to find exactly what your business needs. On each you’ll find case studies, industry data, whitepapers and information on why Amelia is an ideal Digital Employee — and why you should think twice before investing in simple chatbot technology.

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