1Desk’s Hidden Weapon to Improve Efficiencies: Analytics

By Evan Dashevsky, Senior Writer
August 14, 2018 • 2 minute read

Data has become invaluable to enterprises because it fuels analytics which allows organizations to reduce (if not eliminate) inefficiencies in business processes. One of 1Desk’s most powerful advantages is its ability to intelligently gather data, analyze it, and suggest improvements.

The concept of “data being the new oil” isn’t just a clever phrase, it’s a fact of modern business. Consider that in 1980, five of the world’s 10 most-valuable companies were petroleum based, while today only one remains near the top (and it’s probably worth noting that seven of today’s top-10 are technology firms, most of which didn’t even exist in 1980).

This churn among the top 10 wasn’t due to hydrocarbons becoming any less useful in the past 40 years; it’s because the predictive and analytic functionalities enabled by data have become so much more valuable, particularly in the digital age.

Every business action associated with digital technologies produces a data trail. This is especially the case with tasks that have been automated by robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). All this resulting data can be used by enterprises to analyze processes down to the smallest detail. These fine-grained insights can highlight inefficiencies within business processes — and this refining process can itself be optimized with the help of AI.

Data-driven analysis is one of the inherent benefits of an autonomic platform like 1Desk, which opens the potential for massively improved efficiency.

Data-Guided Human Oversight

One of the key components of any 1Desk implementation is an in-house Digital Labor Studio (DLS) team, an interdisciplinary group of automation engineers, cognitive specialists, and linguists who use the data captured by 1Desk to design and improve processes.

A primary tool of any DLS team is 1Desk’s business-based dashboards, which come available out-of-the box. These dashboards highlight business-relevant metrics from Six Sigma methodology, so the platform’s progress on tasks and requests can be constantly monitored and improved.

These dashboards display live and historical flows of automated activities within the platform and associated systems. The DLS team, as well as relevant managers and IT personnel, are therefore provided with unique insights into the inner workings of their systems and processes, and how enterprise services are being delivered. All this data guides relevant team members as they test and tweak processes in pursuit of the most efficient and productive automations.

The Autonomic Advantage

1Desk isn’t only a platform that connects disparate departments and enterprise systems, it’s an autonomic system that amplifies the DLS team’s work by recommending fixes or new automations based on independent data analysis and observation.

“We’ve taken things a step further by empowering digital labor to monitor processes in order to find shortcuts and improvements,” says IPsoft Director of Enterprise Solutions Allan Andersen. “Behind every manual resolution that takes place inside 1Desk, a virtual engineer or our digital colleague Amelia observes and constantly learns how human subject matter experts are solving issues or carrying out common tasks. The system analyzes all manual work, proposes which tasks should be evaluated for new automations, and human labor will then examine the recommendations and implement approved enhancements.”

By tapping into the power of data analytics, 1Desk improves its knowledge-base and grows increasingly capable over time. Organizations that take advantage of this ever-expanding potential will have a discernable competitive advantage over those who don't.


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