1Desk for HR: Faster Requests and Easier Access to Information

By Juan Martinez, Senior Writer
July 18, 2018 • 3 minute read

1Desk isn’t just an IT operations tool. It also connects companies to information systems in order to provide employees with a single interface for requests and information. This is especially true in the HR field. Read this article to find out more.

We’ve written at length about 1Desk’s impressive end-to-end IT operations capabilities, but it’s also an incredible solution for back office administrative tasks. 1Desk integrates with a company’s business software to provide a comprehensive tool for any technology-related process. Integrations include but are not limited to finance, procurement, and CRM tools. In this blog post, we’ll focus on one of the more interesting 1Desk use cases — as a connection between employees and human resources (HR) tools.

Before we examine how 1Desk impacts HR operations, it’s important that we briefly recap 1Desk’s IT operations and shared services functionality. 1Desk serves as a catalyst to drive a conversation with IT Operations teams around continuous improvement fueled by data, analytics and process. The goal of 1Desk is to fix everything in IT environments automatically and if human engineers are required to be involved, the system monitors, learns and extracts data from their manual efforts. In ideal cases, IT teams can approve an automation and next time the issue occurs it would be automatically fixed; otherwise, the system analyzes generated content, and if it has value, 1Desk routes it to the appropriate automation engineers. The goal is that every manually performed resolution is recorded, analyzed, and utilized to build new automations.

IPsoft’s cognitive-based digital colleague Amelia observes every action that takes place in 1Desk. She studies every transaction, interaction, and automation to ensure she’s up-to-speed on what’s happening within the system. That’s because Amelia is the first interaction your non-IT employees will have with IT when requesting support. Rather than send an email to the helpdesk, your employees will ask Amelia a question (e.g. “Amelia can you help me reset my password?”). If Amelia has studied the process and understands what to do to help the employee, an IT worker will never need to be involved in this process. Instead, Amelia will reset the password, a log of the interaction will be created and stored, and everyone can move on to another task.

How Do 1Desk and Amelia Help Improve HR Performance?

Amelia isn’t just a liaison between IT and your company’s employees—she’s also designed to perform tasks and provide data from any software system with which 1Desk is integrated, and that includes HR. Any HR request that would traditionally be filed within a human resources management solution (HRMS), and handled manually by HR staff, can be spoken or typed to Amelia. In traditional work environments, employees with an HR request would need to open a new browser tab, type in an HRMS web page, enter log-in credentials (if your employees can remember the correct password among the dozens they have), and tab through the HRMS to find the page for their particular request. With Amelia, they can click on her avatar and speak or type their request directly.

Employee: “Please create a vacation request for August 19 through August 21.”
Amelia: “This request has been created.”

Once the request is created, an HR manager will receive a notification from Amelia asking for approval. There’s no need for the manager to open an email, click a link, enter a password, and press an approval button. By simply speaking or typing the words “approved” or “rejected,” Amelia will register the response and notify the employee who made the request.

This process can be recreated for virtually any HR request or function with 1Desk integration to the back office HR system, and with proper training of Amelia. Benefits enrollment or changes, training requests, timesheet submissions, leave of absence requests — all of these processes can be administered by Amelia.

Amelia can also locate hard-to-find information on HR policies. Rather than navigating seemingly endless HRMS tools to find documents on topics like holiday schedules, maternity and paternity leave, compliance, benefits, compensation, or general corporate policies, your employees can ask Amelia a direct question and she’ll provide a specific answer. She’s able to ingest and master company handbooks to provide accurate information and feedback to employees. She can even provide personalized information based on an employee’s personal data.

Employee: “How many vacation days will I have next year?”
Amelia: “You will have 15 vacation days next year. Would you like to schedule PTO?”
Employee: “I thought I was only allotted 10 days a year.”
Amelia: “You will receive an additional five days of PTO because next year is your third year with the company.”

Today’s workers are inundated by information management systems, passwords, usernames, handbooks, and different mechanisms for making requests and receiving notifications. This is particularly true with HR systems, and forward-thinking companies want to ensure that HR requests are handled quickly and efficiently in order to keep employee satisfaction high. 1Desk and Amelia provide a single interface through which employees and managers can conduct technology-based back office transactions. HR managers and the employees they serve will save time and effort by using 1Desk, and create a better overall HR experience for their workers.


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