Jay Kunarathnam

COO, Connex & Pulse Services


“I think the first thing you got to do is take a look at your organization or your challenge in a holistic way, rather than trying to solve a sort of a day-to-day or a very specific problem in a contact center. Because what happens when you try to do that is you find that you’re going to have a lot of resistance internally…we have seen some clients have success where they almost have a parallel organization running an automation program.”

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Jay Kunarathnam

For more than 20 years, Jay Kunarathnam has been on the frontlines of communication, technology, and data. The inventor of Pulse Networks, Jay has built and sold multiple technology companies (and he’ll readily admit there are times he sold them for too little). In this video, he discusses his journey to Connex & Pulse Services, the future of the call center, and the many ways automation is aiding in the delivery of services to customers across all industries.