Dr. S. Vincent Grasso

Surgeon, Software Architect, Global Practice Lead for Healthcare & Life Sciences at IPsoft

United States

“The lingua franca of the world is healthcare. If you have appendicitis in Cambodia or New York City, you’ll be treated the same. Surgeons know what to do. These procedures are standardized. We now need to extend the delivery of care beyond face to face encounters via the extension of information systems via AI ecosystem assets including Conversational Computing, Robotic Process Automation, and Machine Learning.”

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Dr. S. Vincent Grasso

Dr. S. Vincent Grasso is the Global Practice Lead for Healthcare & Life Sciences at IPsoft. In addition to being a trained physician and AI Luminary, Dr. Grasso is a chef, piano player, and, in his spare time, he volunteers serving the underprivileged at a clinic in Newark, New Jersey. Oh, and he’s also been to Mount Everest to test medical equipment at altitude. In this video, Dr. Grasso discusses the many ways AI can help democratize healthcare for the elderly, the disabled and the economically challenged.