In a recent IT Supply Chain article, several leading tech experts weigh in on the significance of digital skills in today’s world and offer their advice for the future of tech. IPsoft’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jonathan Crane, offered his insight in the piece into the world of AI and technology.

Speaking to the importance of bringing people from non-STEM backgrounds into the industry, Crane says “as AI becomes more conversational, coders will need to have a good overview of language and linguistics to be able to train it to understand user intent.”

The tech experts discussed the critical need for diversity in coding to reflect the diversity of society, the benefits of cultivating interest in coding and technology through education, and the advantage of emotional intelligence in tech.

“Having an understanding of psychology and emotional intelligence are also vital,” Crane says. “Being able to analyse and respond accordingly to human emotions is key to coding sophisticated AI programmes that will interact with people in a natural and human-like way.”

For more about digital skills and coding, be sure to read the IT Supply Chain article.

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