We are honored to help our clients and partners deliver value to their customers, especially during challenging or uncertain times. We recently worked with Guardian Life to quickly launch Amelia on Guardian’s site in order to help the insurance giant meet higher digital service demand due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. The project was highlighted in an article by The Wall Street Journal.

“Guardian Life recently launched an AI-based ‘digital agent’ named Amelia, developed by New York-based technology company IPsoft Inc. The agent can help the company’s customers access information about insurance claims using natural language queries, according to the company,” the author writes.

We’re especially proud of how quickly we were able to help get this project up and running, given its urgency and Guardian’s need to quickly serve customers under extraordinary circumstances, as detailed in the article: “The project was developed and deployed in a few weeks, but would have taken months to deploy in the past because such initiatives weren’t as urgent, said Mr. [Dean] Del Vecchio, [the insurance company’s CIO and] chief of operations.”

To read more about Guardian Life and Amelia, be sure to read the article.

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