The AI industry has been instrumental in helping to slow the spread of COVID-19. From helping to track the spread of the virus, to screening patients prior to in-person visits, AI has played a crucial role in limiting the damage caused by the pandemic.

This is the subject of an op-ed published on MedCity News by Dr. Vincent Grasso, IPsoft’s Global Practice Lead for Healthcare & Life Sciences. In the article, Dr. Grasso examines the relationship between healthcare and AI during the pandemic, and what we can expect from AI in healthcare in the future.

“In the last month, the tech industry has united to extend their funds, their production capabilities and even new technologies to help face this global threat. While some of the solutions were merely short-term fixes for immediate problems, many will undoubtedly have long-lasting effects on how we will find, diagnose and care for the sick. Already, AI has proved effective at tracking viral spread, managing patient requests and improving patient experience,” Dr. Grasso writes.

Dr. Grasso explores the way AI has been used to analyze chest X-rays for signs of coronavirus, itemize hospital beds and supplies, remotely detect high temperatures and gauge patient responses to experimental treatments. AI has even been used to test which drugs are likely to be most effective at combating COVID-19 and much more, he writes.

To learn more about how AI is helping healthcare workers fight the pandemic, be sure to head over to MedCity News.

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