We’ve written at great lengths about the benefits of combining human creativity with machine speed and intelligence. That’s because we believe the Future of Work will be defined by the collaboration between humans and AI. When we harness the potential of man’s ingenuity, and optimize and accelerate it with AI, we’ve truly maximized the value of a hybrid workforce.

That’s the subject of an article written by IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube published on Forbes. In the post, Chetan lays the groundwork for companies considering their own hybrid work models, with a roadmap that emphasizes the value of training AI, as well as using it to maintain a firm’s security.

“Implementing automation, cognitive AI and conversational agents as a part of a digital-human workforce strategy can bring rapid results if use cases and deployment are implemented in a thoughtful, strategic manner,” Chetan writes. “As enterprises deploying AI begin to reach a critical mass, crucial best practices will become available to companies worldwide.”

To read more about Chetan’s roadmap for hybrid workforces, be sure to read his entire Forbes post.

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