IPsoft unveils new avatar for Amelia®, its market-leading Digital Employee™, to deliver the most human-like user experiences in the industry, building on Amelia´s advanced AI and natural language capabilities

NEW YORK, January 21, 2020 – IPsoft, the largest independent leader in enterprise AI, today unveiled the new avatar of its market-leading Digital Employee, Amelia, who provides the most human-like digital experiences in the industry. Amelia’s new groundbreaking appearance, combined with her years of experience working for some of the world’s leading companies, allows for even more true-to-life communication and collaboration between humans and machines, elevating user experiences to new levels and empowering the hybrid workforce.

This new version of Amelia brings together her sophisticated cognitive capabilities — built to mirror the functions of the human brain — with the latest advancements in avatar technology. The avatar is designed to deliver the visual elements of human interaction — conversation, expression, emotion and understanding — to everyday user experiences, driving deeper customer connections and greater business value.

“We have spent the last 20 years developing the most human-like digital being. Understanding the important role that visual cues play in human interaction, we are delighted to launch Amelia’s new avatar that will enable companies to digitally connect with their customers like never before,” said Chetan Dube, founder and CEO of IPsoft. “Amelia’s new look also far better reflects her superior cognitive abilities as the most advanced Digital Employee on the market.”

Amelia has repeatedly been identified as industry-leading by independent analyst firms, including Forrester, Everest Group and Ovum. Unlike chatbots and more limited virtual assistants that react to keyword-driven instructions and follow static decision trees, Amelia’s cognitive brain allows users to have natural, human-like conversations to execute tasks or resolve queries.

Utilizing advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP), Amelia is able to understand natural language, follow context switching, and independently execute complex tasks to resolve user requests. In addition, her state-of-the-art affective computing and sentiment analysis enable her to recognize and adapt her responses based on the mood of the user and the context of the situation.

Amelia’s deep learning capabilities also allow her to continuously learn from human interactions and create even more engaging experiences over time. Her ability to observe, learn, understand and improve her skills permits her to surpass standard digital assistants, elevating her into the world’s most human-like Digital Employee.

By deploying Amelia’s new avatar, enterprises will now be able to engage with users using human-like digital representatives, powered by sophisticated conversational AI technology. Internally, Amelia-powered solutions can translate into higher employee satisfaction and engagement leading to a more productive workforce. Among external customers, Amelia’s avatar can build stronger brand loyalty, encourage repeat business, and drive new sources of revenue.

Dube said: “By 2025, I believe that you could pass a colleague in the hall at work and not know if it’s a man or machine. Amelia’s new lifelike avatar takes us one step nearer to closing that gap between physical and digital colleagues to create a truly hybrid workforce.”

In addition to featuring a more human-like avatar, Amelia will soon be extended with more accessible design tools to enable non-technical workers to train and deploy Amelia in less than 30 minutes in different use cases across a business. This will enable workers with little or no technical expertise to collaborate with and manage Amelia, so deployment time is accelerated, driving quicker time-to-value.

The reach of Amelia will significantly expand with IPsoft’s forthcoming launch of a marketplace for Digital Employees. This marketplace will provide a more seamless and modern approach to deploying AI, one that more closely resembles person-to-person hiring and onboarding processes compared to traditional AI implementations. A webinar on the new marketplace, featuring CEO Chetan Dube and Vice President of Emerging Technologies Ergun Ekici, will be held Wednesday, Feb. 5th at 11 am ET. For more information and to register, visit https://info.ipsoft.com/digital-workforce-webinar.


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About Amelia

Named after American aviator and pioneer Amelia Earhart, Amelia is the market’s first Digital Colleague. Since her introduction in 2014, she has gained hundreds of skills across multiple industries. She is modeled on human intelligence, understanding and empathy.

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IPsoft is the world’s largest privately held AI software company delivering cognitive, conversational solutions for the enterprise. As the leading digital workforce company, we team humans with digital employees to unleash creativity and deliver business value at scale. With a combination of Amelia, the industry’s most-human cognitive AI colleague, and 1Desk™, the first end-to-end digital transformation platform, IPsoft rapidly streamlines IT operations, automates processes, increases workforce productivity and improves customer satisfaction — delivering bottom line results. Headquartered in New York City with offices in 15 countries, IPsoft serves more than 500 of the world’s leading brands across IT services, financial services and banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and other sectors.


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