Many large enterprises worry that AI is too complex, time intensive and costly to implement and deliver business value. Just finding the right AI use case, some believe, is a daunting prospect, and failure to meet deployment deadlines means delayed ROI. These are valid concerns for business decision-makers, to be sure, but respectfully, these perceptions are a bit out-of-date. Such concerns are no match for today’s AI, and we’re preparing to prove it.

We’ll soon announce a more seamless and modern approach to deploying AI, one that more closely resembles person-to-person hiring and onboarding processes than it does traditional, large-scale implementations. Through a one-of-a-kind online marketplace, we will pave new ground in delivering advanced user experiences powered by Amelia, our market-leading conversational AI agent, that can reshape how companies approach AI solutions — and we’re giving you a short preview of what’s to come in this post.

A Marketplace for Digital Employees

With our forthcoming marketplace, the goal is for users to research, interview and hire a pre-trained Digital Employee (Amelia) just as they would a human job candidate. Users will log onto the marketplace, and search for skills that their businesses need to improve and streamline IT operations. This marketplace will work more like an online job site than a technology or app portal. Need an IT professional who is fully-trained on L1 and L2 issues? You will be able to locate and hire one all within the marketplace experience.

Marketplace visitors will be able to “interview” Amelia to discern her abilities and how she will interact with users, as well as to test her knowledge by asking questions and delegating tasks. Companies essentially can fully vet Digital Employees’ potential value to their organizations before making a decision to bring them into their workforce.

Pre-Trained Skills and Expertise

Amelia is programmed to be deployed immediately, so Digital Employees on the marketplace come prepared with years of on-the-job training from prior deployments and in-house testing. They will already know how to handle tasks relevant to specific systems and roles. Even if you were to poach the best human employees from a rival company, they would still need to go through a long orientation process and get acquainted with your specific business processes and systems. With our digital workers powered by Amelia, pre-built processes lead to reduced training and faster time-to-value.

After onboarding a Digital Employee, Amelia will work with users to self-configure and integrate to a company’s cloud-based servers/virtual machines and systems. Rather than take precious time away from IT support staff or other stakeholders with a drawn-out deployment process, Amelia will guide herself and users through the onboarding process. The result is an implementation that can take only hours or a few days — not unending weeks, months or years.

Our forthcoming marketplace will be a fast and easy way for companies from any industry to build a hybrid workforce, with Digital Employees working with human co-workers for greater efficiency, improved productivity and lower operating costs. Looking for more details? We encourage you to register below for our upcoming marketplace webinar on Wednesday, Feb. 5th at 11 am ET.

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