At IPsoft, we champion the merits of building a hybrid workforce. We believe AI and automation empower humans to accomplish more interesting and important work, while also enabling businesses to be more productive and efficient.

The hybrid workforce is the focus of a recent Forbes op-ed written by IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube. In the post, Chetan details the many reasons why he believes AI combined with human labor will usher in a more dynamic and effective era of business.

“If it’s not already readily apparent, I’m more than a mere optimist on this subject,” Chetan writes. “I’ve often put forward that we’re rapidly approaching a time when humans and digital employees will fuse into a hybrid workforce, fundamentally transforming how we live and work.”

In order for organizations to begin this transformation, Chetan recommends that companies focus on the right use case or use cases for deploying AI-powered hybrid work. He also urges businesses to build advocacy among the ranks of their human workers who will be impacted by automation, while also maintaining transparent practices with employees and customers.

For more on the subject of the hybrid workforce, be sure to read Chetan’s op-ed in its entirety.

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