Digitalisation World, an online publication covering key technologies that underpin the digital revolution, highlighted IPsoft’s partnership with Aruma, one of Australia’s leading disability service providers, in a recent article.

Initially, the partnership will use IPsoft’s industry-leading digital colleague Amelia to assist staff with administrative tasks such as reporting and scheduling. Amelia will also capture data and build a knowledgebase about Aruma’s practices so staff can provide optimized support to customers.

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“Part of the Aruma’s strategic innovation initiative is identifying and working with like-minded people and companies who want to learn with us. That is why we are thrilled to work with IPsoft to bring Amelia into the disability sector in Australia,” Mark Doro, Aruma’s Chief Transformation Officer, said in the article. “With IPsoft as a partner, we can explore how we can combine the powers of human and digital labor to be more efficient, sustainable and, ultimately, impactful, which is what we are really working towards at Aruma.”

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You can read the full Digitalisation World article here.

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