Companies seeking to gain a comprehensive, tangible understanding of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting businesses today should read IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube’s recent post in the AI Time Journal. The op-ed separates fact from fiction, providing an honest examination of what AI delivers now, what it will soon deliver in the future and the critical labor required to make it work.

“Only an integrated ecosystem of AI solutions, powered by an end-to-end automation backbone connecting a variety of enterprise systems (IT, finance, supply chain, etc.), will make impactful business outcomes materialize as expected,” Chetan writes. “This integrated approach also includes taking innovation one step further by using a conversational AI platform as the front-end interface to automated business and consumer services.”

In the post, Chetan references three IPsoft customers and their paths to success using AI systems. BNP Paribas, for example, launched an Amelia implementation focused on providing 24/7 information and services access to internal employees and external shareholders. The world-renowned Swiss-based hospitality school Ecole Hótelière de Lausanne (EHL) has developed three Amelia use cases to automate specific IT and administrative tasks.Telefónica implemented Amelia as a voice-based customer service agent for its Peruvian contact centers, replacing the previous IVR-based customer service system. Amelia was handling more than 100,000 calls after just eight weeks of going live, with almost 85% intent recognition in call interactions.

“We envision the integrated ecosystem approach, tightly linking automation and cognitive technologies, as becoming the de facto choice for global enterprises,” Chetan writes. “As companies proceed down this path, they will be searching for a platform that has real-world experience and a proven track record in improving processes, streamlining operations and making businesses work better. It’s immensely gratifying to be at the forefront of the emerging and vital trend.”

To read Chetan’s piece in its entirely, be sure to visit the AI Time Journal.

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