IPsoft Digital Workforce SummitWe took some time to speak with Alex Halper, the Senior Manager of Applied AI Technologies with Deloitte Consulting as part of this year’s Digital Workforce Summit (DWS). We discussed the potential of conversational technologies like Amelia to upend the way that humans engage with digital systems and transform the way that business is done.

“In terms of the business challenges that we’re addressing with Amelia, it’s a bit of a cliché answer,” Halper explained. “Change is underlying almost every issue we tackle with our clients. With all the change that we’re seeing in the volumes of data, the types of data, the technologies that people are using — the fact of the matter is humans just can’t keep up with all of the insights that they could gather from them and all of the actions that they could take with them. Where we see conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) coming in, is in assisting those humans to better take advantage of all of the investments that our clients were already making, so they can get the right ROI out of their technology.”

Beyond the impact on business processes, Halper discussed how platforms like Amelia will change humans in potentially profound ways. “In the future, I think AI and IoT, and wearables all together, are going to make us pretty much near superhuman,” he said. “Today, [conversational AI] can help you change the lights in your apartment or your home. Wearables […] can tell you about your heart rate and your bodily functions. It’s not too hard to imagine a scenario where maybe your AI is smart enough to know that your blood pressure is high, or you’re stressed. It can change the lights and the temperature in order to address that. That’s a near-term opportunity.”



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