At this year’s Digital Workforce Summit (DWS), we spoke with John Brownridge, a principal with Deloitte who focuses on human capital, specifically digital human resources. We discussed the ways that Artificial Intelligence (AI) in general and cognitive technologies in particular can transform how HR functions are administered.

“For onboarding, the outcome that you’re looking for is your employees to be on board and productive as quickly as possible. With all the tools that they need, whether it be a computer, a phone, access to specific software [or] any facilities that they need, they need to be connected to the people that they’re going to be working with, their manager, and they need to know how that they can get help when they need it,” Brownridge explained. “AI and cognitive technology…allows you to take a human-centered approach to the problem.”

Click here for highlights from the DWS breakout session about AI’s impact on HR.

Beyond the realm of HR, Brownridge believes AI technologies can enhance the way that people work in all business areas. “My hopes for cognitive technology is that it’s going to make my life better and it’s going to make everyone else’s life better,” he said. “We often look at cognitive technology to solve a problem, or take a task away, or make someone more effective in what they’re doing. And that last point, making people more effective, I think is a key element that I want to see more of.”

You can watch more from the interview below.

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