At this year’s Digital Workforce Summit (DWS), we had an opportunity to interview Carlos Puigjaner, the CEO and co-founder of cognitive voice solutions provider Verbio, which has partnered with IPsoft on several implementations in Latin America, notably with Telefónica Peru’s call center (which you can learn more about here).

Verbio’s technology was used to provide the Spanish-language “voice” of the call center, while IPsoft’s Amelia provided the cognitive underpinnings. “Working with IPsoft as a partner so far has been great,” Puigjaner explained. “We’ve been having many challenges and [been] finding solutions to all of them. So being the voice of Amelia is really a pleasure, it’s really something that we love to do.”

Watch the entire interview below to hear more about the ongoing IPsoft-Verbio partnership and the potential of conversational automation throughout industries. Want to learn even more? Click here to see Puigjaner’s DWS presentation about the business impact of voice automation or here to see highlights from Verbio’s booth at the DWS AI Experience Pavilion.

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