In a recent op-ed for TechRadar titled “AI comes off the sidelines to deliver for sports fans,” IPsoft’s Director of Cognitive Implementation Tracey Robinson examined the ways that Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) like Amelia can transform the way that professional sports teams engage with fans.

“By employing an IVA on sports team sites and mobile apps, organizations can provide millions of fans with a personalized ticket broker and merchandising concierge,” Robinson wrote. “Rather than hiring round-the-clock employees to focus on ticket sales and t-shirt purchases for growing fan bases, franchises can deploy a scalable workforce of virtual assistants.”

Just as AI systems are poised to transform retail experiences through automated conversational engagements and intelligent features, these solutions can be used to automate, optimize and enhance the process related to purchasing sports tickets and merchandise. “Unlike chatbots, which are designed to provide scripted information based on strict call-and-response programs, a virtual assistant provides nuanced answers based on specific customer requests,” explained Robinson. “For example: A chatbot can provide Alice with a list of the cheapest seats available for a specific game, whereas a virtual assistant can help Alice find the perfect ticket for her particular preferences.

“By conversing with the IVA and detailing what she likes about the in-stadium experience (certain stadium sections or boxes, specific seats, close to the shops or bar, etc.), the virtual assistant collects a set of intents, combined with historical data, and uses real-time seating chart information to provide more personalized results,” she wrote.

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