IPsoft Digital Workforce SummitAt this year’s Digital Workforce Summit (DWS), we had the opportunity to talk with Natalie Heroux, the VP and General Manager for Professional Services with Milestone Technologies. She talked about how her company addresses its clients’ business challenges using IPsoft’s intelligent solutions like the industry-leading virtual agent Amelia. For example, she discussed Amelia’s potential for adding value through the automation of the IT service desk.

“When you have a digital agent answering questions instead of a Level One service desk agent, it’s almost as if you always have your very best agent answering [users’] questions,” Heroux explained. “And not only is it the very best agent that you have, but it’s also the agent that keeps learning and improving on their own answers.”

Her company is also exploring new ways to support sales with Amelia through automating routine work like generating messages, scheduling meetings, updating records or even automating engagements with external clients. “So it’s very much a productivity play,” Heroux explained, “but it’s a productivity play that translates into higher sales and revenue.”

Watch the video to see more of our conversation or click here to see some of Heroux’s insights from the Optimizing Business Transformation breakout session at DWS.

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