IPsoft Digital Workforce SummitAt this year’s Digital Workforce Summit (DWS), we took a moment to chat with Alan Hixon, CEO of leading managed services provider nDivision, about his ongoing partnership with IPsoft. We discussed how the company uses IPsoft’s autonomic IT management system IPcenter to amplify its ability to provide services to its customers.

“We have approximately 100 customers that we support. And about 12 of those customers are large enterprise organizations, in many cases international companies. So we’re supporting customers in 45 countries and six continents, 24 by seven,” Hixon explained. “And in certain cases they look at us and say, ‘We’ve got almost as many employees in IT operations as you have in your entire business. How can you do what you’re doing?’ And the answer is IPcenter and automation — and the very productive talent that we employ.”

Hixon also discussed the value of gatherings like DWS. “This is my third year now of being a guest at DWS, and I find it absolutely invaluable. For one, it helps me see the evolution of technologies like automation and AI, cognitive RPA, the direction that IPsoft’s going,” he explained. “So that sharing of information, sharing of trends is invaluable for me as a CEO, in terms of planning the future for our business.”

Watch the video to see more of our conversation or click here to see some of Hixon’s insights from the Optimizing Business Transformation breakout session at DWS.

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