IPsoft Digital Workforce SummitAt this year’s Digital Workforce Summit (DWS), we took the opportunity to chat with Gustavo Vega, Executive Director with Buenos Aires-based IT consultancy firm Enterprise Data Solutions (EDS), about his company’s ongoing collaboration with IPsoft and Barcelona-based voice synthesizer company Verbio to automate aspects of Telefónica’s Peru call center with Amelia.

Initially, Telefoníca asked EDS to “introduce voice recognition to the old platform based on IVR,” Vega explained. However, after researching the customer’s challenges and goals, EDS decided that the best solution would not be to add new functionality to a vintage system, but rather to take a more disruptive approach by introducing them to Amelia. “We are providing them a solution based on AI conversation, in order to attend all the calls of the contact center,” he said.

Click here to read more about Telefónica Peru’s Amelia implementation.

The implementation went live in the first quarter of this year and handles 20,000 calls per day, with the ultimate goal being around six million calls per month for the current use case. Looking forward, Vega said that EDS is now working on the second phase, “introducing more use cases, in order to attend to the needs from the other part of the operation.”

Watch the video to see more of our interview with Vega, and click here to hear some of his insights from a DWS breakout centered on Optimizing Business Transformation.

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