IPsoft Digital Workforce SummitAt this year’s Digital Workforce Summit (DWS), Weston Morris, Director of Digital Workplace Services at Unisys, led a breakout session about the Evolution of the Contact Center, particularly the transformative impact of cognitive AI solutions like Amelia.

Morris discussed the upside-down nature of modern technologies, notably how once-upon-a-time innovative technologies all had their start in the workplace and then worked their way down to consumer versions. Now, things happen in the reverse order.

“Do you remember the first computers? The only place you could use them was within the office,” Morris explained. “Then they came to the house. With the start of the smartphone, everything turned around. And that’s true with Artificial Intelligence as well.”

Today’s employees have come to expect the same instant on-demand access to services at work that they have with a consumer-grade digital assistant. Morris went on to describe how Unisys partnered with IPsoft to meet user expectations, as well as the other business advantages of the modern automated IT service desk.

Click the link below to view Morris’ presentation. You can also learn more about Unisys’ other projects with IPsoft here.

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