At this year’s Digital Workforce Summit (DWS), BNP Paribas Securities Services’ Head of Digital Transformation Philippe Ruault led a breakout session detailing his company’s AI journey with Amelia. He also took a moment to participate in our series of one-on-one DWS interviews. (Watch the video below.)

BNP Paribas is currently developing two use cases using Amelia’s technology to assist customers in both English and French (you can read a case study here). During our interview, Ruault explained that the company tapped IPsoft to assist with three primary challenges related to the company’s ongoing digital transformation initiative: 1) providing optimized end-to-end processes, 2) enhancing the customer experience so that “the dialogue with our customer tomorrow will be much more fluid than what is today,” and 3) using automation to “develop new business models.”

When asked to name some of the top benefits that Amelia (internally named NOA – or “NextGen Online Agent”) will provide to BNP’s customers, Ruault explains “immediate reactivity, access to information, accuracy, able to connect during the weekend and get the information instantly.”

When asked to describe his collaboration with IPsoft, Ruault concludes: “Super collaborative. What I like at IPsoft [is] it makes you dream in a way.”

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