IPsoft Digital Workforce SummitOne of the main purposes of the annual Digital Workforce Summit (DWS) is to bring AI to life. We didn’t just want to discuss AI — we wanted to show AI in action.

To do this, we built the DWS Experience AI Pavilion — a collection of booths and displays featuring real-world IPsoft use cases presented by our clients and partners. Unlike other industry events, the Pavilion provided an unprecedented level of hands-on interactivity led entirely by client companies — ones that are using automation and cognitive technologies to make their businesses even better. This is the next in a series of posts profiling Pavilion exhibitors.

Beginning in 2017, BNP Paribas Securities Services began working with IPsoft to develop a cognitive agent for the company’s NeoLink web portal (among other projects). NeoLink provides access to subscribed services for all client segments. In this use case, BNP named its digital agent, NOA (“NextGen Online Assistant”) to provide on-demand information access for institutional clients regarding the settlement of trades.

NOA is capable of completing 20 skills on its own, including proactive assistance to suggest actions it can take on a client’s behalf and resolve issues. For example, if a problem is identified with a specific trade, NOA will lead a user through the process of re-submitting the trade with updated information.

The Securities Services subsidiary manages operating hubs in China, India, Lisbon and Warsaw, among other locations. The company deals with cross-border interactions between customers, many of which occur in multiple languages. BNP wanted to find a way to improve the overall customer experience, improve speed and stay ahead of the competition with emerging technologies.

During its Experience AI Pavilion demonstration, BNP showcased the ways in which NOA can gather information, send orders into market, find specific documents, research fees, open new accounts and more. The crux of the demo focused on how IPsoft’s platform and NeoLink push and pull information from more than 50 APIs managing hundreds of data points.

BNP clients interact with NOA via text-based chat. NOA determines a client’s intent and draws from data systems to provide the customer with information, make recommendations or submit trades. NOA can also input data into the 50-plus systems, which allows information and transactions to remain up-to-date across all platforms.

This implementation offers a distinct secondary benefit. By automating high-volume — but not necessarily high business value — client needs, BNP frees experienced support staff to focus on complex or higher-value tasks.

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