IPsoft Digital Workforce SummitNelsonHall, one of the industry’s leading business technology research firms, recently posted a blog with a thorough analysis of IPsoft’s market standing, product portfolio and where we are headed in the near future. The post, which chronicles sessions and meetings attended by NelsonHall CEO John Willmott during this year’s Digital Workforce Summit, focuses primarily on how our intelligent virtual agent Amelia’s brain works and where 1Desk sits in an industry that is quickly becoming saturated with automation solutions.

“Amelia has often suffered from being seen at first glance as just another chatbot,” Willmott writes. “IPsoft is looking to differentiate by stressing Amelia’s contextual awareness and ability to switch contexts within a conversation.”

Willmott deconstructs the ways in which Amelia guides customers through a conversation, including her ability to recognize intent, understand and parse different semantic variations, and accurately switch between different business processes within a single conversation.

“A key element in supporting more natural conversations is the use of stochastic business process networks, which means that Amelia can identify the required information as it is provided by the user, rather than having to ask for and accept items of information in a particular sequence as would be the case in a traditional chatbot implementation,” he writes. “Context switching is also supported within a single conversation, with users able to switch between domains, e.g. from IT support to HR support and back again in a single conversation, subject to the rules on context switching defined by the organization.”

1Desk and The Future of IPsoft

“1Desk, in its initial form, is largely aimed at internal SSC [systems support center] functions including ITSM, HR, and F&A [finance and accounting],” Willmott writes. “However, over the next year, it will increasingly be tailored to provide solutions for specific industries. The intent is to enable about 70% of the solution to be implemented ‘out of the box,’ with vanilla implementations taking weeks rather than many months and with completely new skills taking approx. three months to deploy.”

Willmott also touches on other IPsoft projects such as 1Store, our digital marketplace for Amelia’s roles and skills, and 1Bank, our conversational AI banking solution.

Read Willmott’s full post here.