IPsoft Digital Workforce SummitUnderstanding when and why to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) is crucial to a company’s long-term success. That was one of the main themes covered by two senior executives from Unisys — Mickey Davis, Global Vice President of Managed Workplace Services, and Tom Adams, Director of Digital Workplace Services — during their session at the annual Digital Workforce Summit (DWS).

Unisys is a global information technology company that builds high-performance, security-centric solutions, including industry applications, operating environments and contact center systems. By marrying its services with Amelia, Unisys aimed to deliver automated IT services across its end-to-end InteliServe suite. The company serves more than 300 clients with its service desk systems, ranging from 5,000 to 150,000 calls a month.

“You take those IT systems and take the four or five things that are the most common, and we’re focused on [automating] those,” Davis said. “Simple things like opening a ticket…if that drops two minutes off of every agent’s call and if you multiply that times 3,800 agents, it adds up pretty quickly to where they could focus on actually solving bigger and better problems.”

Augmenting IT Support

Amelia is the first point of contact for all chat messages initiated in InteliServe. Employees engage IT support by simply typing a question into a chat conversation with Amelia. If Amelia can resolve the issue, she will handle it without human intervention. If she’s unable to resolve the issue, she will route it to the appropriate IT support specialist. This process enables Unisys employees to avoid creating helpdesk tickets for basic L1 and L2 issues.

Prior to implementing Amelia, Unisys attempted to solve minor IT issues by creating a self-serve portal where employees could locate their own resolutions. “We spent a lot of money on that. A lot of time was put into that, but we didn’t get a lot of results,” Davis recalled. “We really stepped back and we looked at why we did that and how we did that.”

Adams said the company analyzed what it was attempting to accomplish and which business cases it wanted to focus on. “It was really around making sure we got the business reasons on why we’re doing this and making sure we’re getting the best technology to build our platforms,” he said. “That’s why we’re partnered with IPsoft. They are one of the best technologies out on the market.”

Promoting Adoption

What good is a technological solution if no one uses it? That’s what Unisys was hoping to correct from prior investments in self-help tools. “The problem is adoption,” said Adams. “I can go and put automation in. I can spend time and money on automation. But if the users don’t adopt it and don’t use it, then I’m not going to be able to get more efficient.”

Rather than building a reactive self-help system that required users to seek and employ fixes to common IT problems, the company built Amelia on top of its InteliServe platform. “We said, ‘We’re going to take Amelia and we’re going to put her across all channels,’” said Adams. “That way, we can focus on the back end, on the automation of the processes, and then instead of getting a user to go to self-help, we are going to bring self-help to the user.”

Unisys began work on the project more than a year ago, and clients have been so satisfied with the results that some have even asked Unisys for help with building additional automation use cases. “They’ve been very excited about the idea of being able to then expand it out from not just service desk,” said Adams. Unisys has been approached by customers asking questions such as, “If you have this implemented from our service desk, how easy is it to then branch it out into the other parts of the organization?” he said.

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