IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube recently spoke with Anthony Gruppo, CEO of the Northeast region of Marsh & McLennan Agency and host of The Roots of Leadership podcast, about one age-old question that continues to dominate the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry: Can machines think?

During the podcast, Chetan and Anthony also examine crucial AI-based topics, such as the positive changes automation will bring to the workplace, and the role that company executives will play in ensuring a positive and ethical transition from task-based work to a hybrid operation.

“Today, as we have two CEOs talking about the future, you’re the visionary that saw it before anyone else,” Anthony says to Chetan during the podcast. “I believe that your work will help people start to think and use their brains more than they are now.”

The pair also touch on the future of work with AI, and the reasons why fears of automation replacing human jobs are overblown.

“If 70-80% of your creative power is held down and chained by the common chores of today, are you not imprisoned by the mediocrity that comes with these common chores?” Chetan asks. “Has technology been the ultimate liberator of man’s creativity? Is the human brain not the ultimate Darwinian engine?”

Be sure to head over to The Roots of Leadership to hear these two experts debate and examine the complex subject of AI and human labor. The Roots of Leadership podcast is designed to motivate and empower listeners to increase their performance. Anthony is an esteemed author and executive coach who connects with innovators from various disciplines in search of first-hand experience on what drives innovation.