IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube was recently interviewed by consumer tech website PCMag to discuss the impact that AI in general — and our digital colleague Amelia in particular — is having on business right now, as well as the potential for AI-powered disruption tomorrow.

Dube and host Dan Costa discussed a variety of topics, including IPsoft’s lengthy history creating modern AI solutions. “We are the company that brought the first digital employee to the market,” Dube says. “Five years ago when Amelia was born, there was no other chatbot in the market, and we were the ones that tried to see into a world where the boundaries between carbon-based organisms like you and I and silicon-based organisms, like Amelia, would get progressively diffused.”

They also discussed how exactly Amelia transforms business processes, particularly her place in the new frontier of conversational banking. “What’s so different about conversational banking as opposed to online banking and digital banking?” Dube asks. “Amelia has able to drive in the quality of outcomes and value creation in conversational banking …  [With Amelia] you have a real wealth manager, a real banker in your pocket that is doing all your banking. It is meeting all your banking needs as opposed to just doing the classic hamburger menu equivalent, which is online/digital banking.”

Watch a video above to view the conversation or click here to read the transcript.