The CEO Forum is pleased to announce that Robert Reiss, Host and CEO of The CEO Forum recently spoke with IPsoft CEO and Founder Chetan Dube. They discussed the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI), why human-like conversation skills are necessary for digital assistants, and how digital solutions will help large enterprises improve internal operations.

During the interview, Chetan examined the difference between digital colleagues such as IPsoft’s Amelia and chatbots. Amelia “is the most human AI,” he said. “Today, if you cross the street you’re going to hit a chatbot. There are tons of chatbots in the industry. So, what’s real and what’s not real? Can these chatbots drive up good Net Promoter Scores? Can they drive up good customer experience? Can they deliver your companies to be growing up on the digital Darwinistic curve that we’re living in the middle of? That’s where Amelia is different…You need almost human capability.”

During the conversation, Chetan also discussed the impact of AI on healthcare, why humans shouldn’t be concerned about AI going rogue, and whether machines can think creatively.

This conversation aired on October 23rd and is now live on The CEO Forum’s website.

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