In this era of digital disruption, attracting and retaining customers through enhanced customer experience is top of mind. However, businesses should also prioritize employee experience (EX). Higher employee satisfaction results in a more motivated and efficient workforce, and directly impacts customer service quality. Furthermore, enterprises that drive initiatives to enhance EX are also four times more profitable than those that don’t, as discussed in a recent Harvard Business Review study.

Everest Group, a leading industry analyst firm, which previously rated IPsoft as the leader in IT operations automation, has collaborated with IPsoft on this new research report. The study shows how different cognitive AI tools can be used together to enhance the experience for all employees within an enterprise. It provides a case study from a leading hotel company which uses IPsoft’s Amelia as a virtual agent to quickly resolve employee IT service desk queries. The paper also showcases the potential for AI technologies, such as those in IPsoft’s 1Desk, to benefit businesses in various scenarios, from improving employee hiring and onboarding, to empowering employees with real-time information.

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