Indar Samat is an experienced global consulting sales leader with demonstrated success in the IT and services industry. At Oracle, his consulting sales focuses on Strategy, Digital Transformation, Data, Advanced Analytics, Cloud, Mobility and DevOps engagements for large Banking and Financial Services customers.

During an interview at this year’s Digital Workforce Summit, Indar said he thinks AI will touch every facet of business and have a significant impact on both costs and revenues. As the market matures, he believes that organizations should use AI for revenue growth opportunities as well as cost savings by reviewing use cases and business processes. At DWS, he said that “IPsoft is really bringing a lot of innovation in terms of the cognitive thinking and the whole works around it.” He discussed how IPsoft’s Amelia is unique with her semantic and episodic memories, and believes that IPsoft is a valuable enterprise solutions provider.

Determining ROI from AI is critical as companies look to build the business case for investment. Indar advised organizations to consider the broader impact of AI with an “overall end-to-end perspective [and] the whole journey mapping.” He said that “lots of internal processes will be impacted by AI and machine learning” and organizations need to consider the bigger picture before finding significant revenue opportunities.

The opinions expressed in this video are those of Indar Samat.