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Paul Daugherty is Accenture’s Chief Technology & Innovation Officer and leads the company’s Technology Innovation & Ecosystem group. He is also a member of Accenture’s Global Management Committee. In addition to overseeing Accenture’s technology strategy, Paul has responsibility for driving innovation through R&D activities in Accenture’s Labs and leveraging emerging technologies to bring the newest innovations to clients globally. He founded and oversees Accenture Ventures, which is focused on strategic equity investments and open innovation to accelerate growth. He also leads the company’s large group of highly skilled, certified technology architects, who apply new technologies and architectural foundations in building solutions for clients across industries. In addition, Paul is responsible for managing Accenture’s alliances, partnerships and senior-level relationships with leading and emerging technology companies, and runs Accenture’s Global CIO Council and annual CIO and Innovation Forum.

Paul is co-author of Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, a seminal book providing a much-needed management playbook for the business of AI, recently published by Harvard Press. During an interview at this year’s Digital Workforce Summit, Paul said that AI will continue to take on more human-like capabilities, and that will undoubtedly have an impact on modern business. “While AI has been around 60 years, we’re still in the early stages of AI and its real commercial applications,” he said.