Dr. Niti Pall, Medical Director, Global Health Practice, KPMG

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Dr. Pall is the Medical Director for KPMG’s Global Health Practice, leading their universal health coverage work in Asia, as well as providing clinical leadership and primary care expertise with KPMG’s Center for Universal Health Coverage. She is a visionary senior clinician who has combined clinical practice with an entrepreneurial edge to design and deliver new models of health care around the world. A general practitioner for more than 30 years, Dr. Pall helped to build up the largest chain of primary care clinics in the UK — the Modality Partnership — and held several senior commissioning roles in the English NHS. She led the formation of Health India Private Ltd., a chain of primary care clinics across India later incorporated into HCL Healthcare, where she subsequently worked as Chief Medical Officer. Most recently she was Medical and Innovation Director of Emerging Markets for BUPA, where she helped to create an innovative model of micro-insurance in Bangladesh in partnership with Telenor. She established and supervised clinics in China, Saudi Arabia, Poland and Hong Kong, and helped create health benefit management systems in India, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Dr. Pall is passionate about affordable and accessible health care, and believes Artificial Intelligence can democratize healthcare and reduce costs. In an interview during this year’s Digital Workforce Summit, she said she is working at KPMG “with Amelia and IPsoft in countries like India, Bangladesh in primary healthcare to see whether we can augment a patient experience in helping health care workers reach more people where there aren’t many healthcare workers and help standardize healthcare as well, particularly for simple things.”