Scot Whigham, CEO and Founder, Function-AI

Scot is CEO and founder of Function-AI, with more than 20 plus years of experience in AI, Technology and Operations Experience. He is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, and a keynote speaker for AI Congress and AI World. He is a recognized business leader, focused on developing AI strategies and implementing AI for enterprises. His main focus is to understand and solve big problems for his customers, helping other companies implement and execute an AI strategy.

Prior to founding Function AI, Scot was Director of Global IT Service Support at InterContinental Hotels Group. In this role, he led the implementation of Amelia to handle internal employee support requests and quickly direct queries to the appropriate support agent. Amelia was also trained to answer common end-user IT questions, achieving over 90% accuracy and continually expanding on the types of processes she can support.

During an interview at Digital Workforce Summit, Scot talked about his motivation behind starting his own business in the AI space, the shift in the AI market toward engagement, and the current state of the AI market. For those companies just beginning their journey with AI, Scot recommended figuring out what business problem they want to solve. “And this technology is not just to solve one particular issue, but it’s about work flowing across an organization and being able to automate that work and increase the quality,” he said. “Many people are focused on the ROI from this technology and I think that is where people are making mistakes right now… the focus should be about increasing the quality of the experience of your customer with this technology because you are able to scale as well as be available to them at all times and be able to execute on multiple tasks.”