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In healthcare, a successful clinical outcome – from any surgery, medical procedure or care regimen -- remains paramount. However, the overall patient experience, as reflected in patient satisfaction scores, is rising in importance.

Providers are making significant and costly investments to improve patient satisfaction. Nonetheless, healthcare systems across the globe are struggling to scale and deliver high-caliber patient experiences due to a number of factors: workforce shortages, spikes in acute and long-term care populations and, of course, rising healthcare costs. Many providers need a cost-effective solution in order to provide scalable, quality patient care and services.

As a digital colleague, Amelia can bring new levels of autonomics, advanced analytics, and conversational intelligence to the healthcare industry, allowing providers to deliver seamless and satisfactory patient experiences across a variety of channels and devices. With Amelia’s ability to learn and improve over time, she is uniquely designed to lead a variety of healthcare roles, providing always-available scale and capacity in situations where adding human resources would prove too expensive, and/or where ongoing workforce shortages exist.

Amelia could be used as part of a patient’s care navigator program, reminding patients of appointments, answering questions about treatments or medications, or even reporting blood pressure and other patient readings to care-givers through home assistants. She can help coworkers learn about their workplace benefits and how to access them. Amelia could also become a valued team member for human care-givers and medical personnel, taking on more repeatable or perfunctory tasks, so staff can focus on higher-value care. For example, Amelia could be used for pre- and post-operative surgical checklists, helping to guarantee patient safety and assisting in patient recovery.

In the healthcare sector, there is very little margin for error. It is a very heavily regulated environment, an environment that needs fast action… It’s important to automate as much as you can to take human error out of the equation.

Gerson Benker, vice president of IT Operations, Carestream Health, Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona, 2017

As a digital colleague that thinks like a human operating at the speed and scale of a machine, Amelia can help providers and hospital systems lower overall costs at a time when many are under immense pressure to do so. For example, Amelia can touch all aspects of the well-known Triple Aim Framework for healthcare (developed in 2008 by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement), which many providers use as a blueprint for future investments. The framework includes improving the patient care experience, including quality and overall satisfaction; improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare. None of this is achievable without digital colleagues like Amelia that scale to meet peak demands, and that can deliver unique and personalized patient services.

For providers under pressure to improve the overall patient experience, Amelia can be an indispensable digital team member.

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